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YouFitGym & Rosier Physio and Movement Studio
Working Together For Your Benefit

You Fit Gym and Rosier Physio and Movement are now working together to offer
REHABILITATION and PREVENTATIVE packages tailored specifically to you…


Helping you reach your goals
Included in this package:

  • Initial Physiotherapy Consultation (1 hour) with Tom
  • Gym Consultation (up to 1 hour) to discuss programme with a qualified You Fit Gym Instructor
  • 16 One-to-One Training Sessions (1 hour each) with a qualified You Fit Gym Instructor
  • End of Programme Follow-Up (1 hour) with Tom

Cost of package:

  • £320

What is rehabilitation and why is it important?

Rehabilitation is a vital component to normal pain free movement after injury or surgery. Without it the body will compensate for the lack of flexibility, strength, core stability, power and functional ability that your injury / surgery has caused and the chances of another issue arising is huge.

Very often we see people who have been injured or have undergone surgery become injured because their rehabilitation has been poor or non-existent.

Rosier Therapy and You Fit Gym are here to make sure you receive that crucial rehabilitation through evidence based rehabilitation programmes, expert tuition from experienced, knowledgeable experts and above all through care and attention!

How does the package work?

During the initial one-hour consultation with Tom you will be asked a range of questions related to your condition which will help the formulation of a diagnosis, subsequent treatment and a rehabilitation programme.
Goals are then decided upon between you and Tom. These goals will hugely increase the focus and likelihood of you achieving a healthy body.

A full rehab programme and report will then be sent to You Fit Gym so the qualified staff know exactly what your goals are and how best to achieve them. You will then be taken through the rehabilitative stage with 16 one-to-one training sessions, each session lasting up to one hour in length. We recommend twice weekly gym sessions to help speed up your recovery.

After this stage you will meet again with Tom for a one-hour follow up. This includes re-testing of all the necessary tests that were performed during the initial consultation to ascertain how much you have improved. This is also when we assess whether or not you have reached your goals.

If you wish to see Tom again during the rehab stage for a sports massage, spinal manipulation or any other treatments / services then this can be arranged with Tom anytime.


Prevention is better than cure

Included in this package:

  • Initial Physiotherapy Consultation (1 hour), including ViMove Assessment with Tom
  • Gym Consultation (up to 1 hour) to discuss programme with a qualified You Fit Gym Instructor
  • 24 One-to-One Training Sessions (1 hour each) with a qualified You Fit Gym Instructor
  • Weekly Sports Massage OR Physiotherapy Session with Tom
  • End of Programme Follow-Up (1 hour), including ViMove Assessment with Tom

Cost of package:

  • £600

Why is prevention good?

If we can prevent you from becoming injured in the future when you are doing what you enjoy – be it running, weight lifting or playing with the grandchildren – then it is a no brainer. Preventative physio and preventative 1-1 training sessions combined is the perfect solution to maintaining a healthy, functional body which can withstand the stresses and strains that you put it through.

The added bonus of having an experienced physio and 1-1 trainers on your side to ensure your health and well-being is that the process will be safe, controlled and above all fun!

How does the package work?

To start with you will be fully assessed and examined by Tom. This will include a full medical history to ascertain if there is anything we need to know which may affect your programme, such as any previous diagnosis you may have, from low back pain to hip replacements to epilepsy. These are noted down, so the programme designed for you it is safe, specific and structured. If Tom thinks it will be of benefit to you, the ViMove technology will be used to assess your movement patterns. This will be fully explained to you during your assessment.

Your programme will then be sent to the qualified staff at You Fit Gym who will take you through the exercises using their expertise and understanding of training and wellbeing. They will assess you and make sure technique is correct, then push you to get the most out of your programme. If you encounter any stresses or strains during this period then you can book in with Tom using your weekly sports massage or physio session to get these rectified. Once your programme is finished, you will be re-assessed by Tom once more to see how you have progressed and make further recommendations if required.

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About TOM ROSIER from Rosier Physio & Movement Studio

Tom Rosier is the studio director and has been practicing for 10 years in sports physiotherapy working within the NHS, charitable organisations helping disabled people get physio and exercise, elite sports clubs and privately within his clinic on Newtown Road, Newbury.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Sports Therapy (BSc) and a Masters level degree in Physiotherapy (MSc). Alongside these qualifications he has extensive experience in sport, where he was heavily involved in rugby (playing for many 1st XV teams across the country) and was a regular 100m sprinter with a personal best of 10.9 seconds. He understands injury very well, having suffered a major injury whereby his foot was quite literally pointing in the opposite direction, so is truly empathetic to what you are going through.

Tom will find out what your physical goals are; goals that actually mean something to you. Goals he has dealt with in the past range from being able to run an ultra-marathon in the Gobi desert through to being able to play with grandchildren on the floor. Whatever it is that’s important to you, Tom will help you get there.