After struggling with my weight for many years, I decided in 2017 to qualify as a personal trainer to gain more of an understanding on how to train to achieve my goals.  I also know how many people can be afraid of the gym as they don’t know what to do or don’t feel comfortable in that environment and feel they don’t fit in. Through training in many gyms, I have often witnessed people enter a gym looking unsure and confused but lacking the confidence to ask the PT for help. I always try therefore, to make sure that anyone who enters a gym feels comfortable enough that they can ask for help.

A goal of mine as a personal trainer is to make sure that women feel comfortable in the free weight section and know how to use the equipment properly and that it is not just an area for men. I try and teach my clients that setting a big goal is good but should focus more on little achievements that can build up to the main goal as these are more manageable. Any achievement made, even holding a plank for more then 30 seconds is a big deal and will give the client a boost to keep them motivated.