Below are just some of the members testimonials that we have received, if you would like to send us your own testimonials please feel free to email us via our contact page.

“Nick is cheerful, upbeat… very encouraging… with a very positive attitude and demonstrates a real love of training and fitness” Helen

“Claire makes me feel I am capable of anything… Claire has the ability to push you further and harder by empowering you.” Victoria

“Matt is a good motivator… very motivated and knowledgeable” Lisa

“Nick is friendly and professional… easy to understand and helpful” Anne

“Matt has a positive approach… always has time to listen… is fun, focussed and motivational.” Moira

“Nick is relaxed, encouraging and informative… always ready to help… a very likeable person.” Laurie

“Sarah is friendly, fun and caring; informal but informative… she has a sense of fun and makes me feel that we are ‘in it together’… I’m achieving results.” Sandie

“Claire is… friendly, enthusiastic and professional… continually learning new training techniques that make the workout fun and exciting.” John

“Matt is friendly and approachable… always listens… I can always count on his advice if I’m not confident about something.” Maria